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Survey on Data Storage and Retrieval Techniques over Encrypted Cloud Data

  title={Survey on Data Storage and Retrieval Techniques over Encrypted Cloud Data},
  author={Raghavendra and C. Sudarsan Reddy and Geeta and Rajkumar Buyya and Venugopal and S. Sitharama Iyengar and Lalit M. Patnaik},
Cloud Computing is an ever evolving field of technology. In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. The cloud offers a variety of services. It reduces the complexity of the networks, makes provision for customization, scalability, efficiency etc. Besides, the information stored on cloud is generally not easily lost. Data stored on cloud is easily susceptible to leak by hackers. In order to prevent… 

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Searchable encryption: A survey on privacy‐preserving search schemes on encrypted outsourced data
This paper attempts to present a complete taxonomy/classification of the searchable encryption schemes in terms of the type of search, type of index, results retrieved, implementation type, multiplicity of users, and the technique used.
Encrypted Keyword Search in Cloud Storage
  • M. Praveen
  • Computer Science
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This paper deals with the technique that uses the cloud to search file in the encrypted form and an AES algorithm with ECC scheme and keyword server technique is used to handle this issue efficiently.
Keyword-based Search over Encrypted Cloud Data: A Review
Searchable encryption allows the cloud server search over encrypted data securely without decryption them, and state-of-the-art approaches are reviewed.
Searching Text on 2D Image Over Encrypted Cloud Data using OCR
A scheme to search a text keyword on 2D image over encrypted cloud data using OCR conversion for image document to text file conversion is proposed.
VP Search: Achieving Verifiability of search result and privacy protection for outsourced data at the same time
The proposed scheme enables the client to verify search results efficiently without storing a local copy of the outsourced data, and provides facility of verifiability for privacy preserving multi-keyword search over outsourced documents.
Data Auditing and Security in Cloud Computing: Issues, Challenges and Future Directions
A comprehensive survey on the state-of-art techniques in data auditing and security are discussed and directions for future research in dataAudit and security have been discussed.
A secure client-side framework for protecting the privacy of health data stored on the cloud
  • A. Sakr, E. Yaacoub, M. Guizani
  • Computer Science
    2018 IEEE Middle East and North Africa Communications Conference (MENACOMM)
  • 2018
This work aims to solve the problem of protecting the privacy of data stored on the cloud while keeping the customer in control of the security and privacy of their data by presenting a secure approach.
Optimized Delay of File Accessing using Raptor Code System in Cloud Computing
An essential tradeoff between the document recovery delay and the objective likelihood of fruitful record disentangling is proposed, and that the record recovery postponement can be altogether diminished by ideally booking bundle asks for in a multi-arrange form.
Searching for the IoT Resources: Fundamentals, Requirements, Comprehensive Review, and Future Directions
A review of the state-of-the-art search methods for the IoT, classifying them according to their design principle and search approaches as: IoT data and IoT object-based techniques is presented.
Secure and efficient retrieval of video file using bloom filter and hybrid encryption algorithms
A hybrid model is created, which integrates the symmetric and asymmetric key encryption to tighten the security of the multimedia files stored in the cloud.


Efficient semantic search over encrypted data in cloud computing
  • T. Moh, Kam Ho Ho
  • Computer Science
    2014 International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation (HPCS)
  • 2014
This paper developed a system to support semantic search on encrypted data in cloud computing with three different schemes which are “Synonym-Based Keyword Search (SBKS)”, “Wikipedia-Based keyword search (WBKS’, and “WBSKS”), and demonstrated that the developed schemes are more practical than the former proposed schemes.
Fuzzy Keyword Search over Encrypted Data in Cloud Computing
This paper formalizes and solves the problem of effective fuzzy keyword search over encrypted cloud data while maintaining keyword privacy, and exploits edit distance to quantify keywords similarity and develops an advanced technique on constructing fuzzy keyword sets, which greatly reduces the storage and representation overheads.
Secure ranked fuzzy multi-keyword search over outsourced encrypted cloud data
Fuzzy multi-keyword search over outsourced encrypted cloud data enhances user searching experience by returning the matching files when user's input query either exactly matches the predefined keyword dictionary or closest possible keywords in the dictionary based on similarity semantics when exact match fails.
Secure Ranked Keyword Search over Encrypted Cloud Data
This paper defines and solves the problem of effective yet secure ranked keyword search over encrypted cloud data, and proposes a definition for ranked searchable symmetric encryption, and gives an efficient design by properly utilizing the existing cryptographic primitive, order-preserving asymmetric encryption (OPSE).
MSSS : Most Significant Single-keyword Search over Encrypted Cloud Data
A mathematical model is developed to encrypt the indexed keywords for secure search without the overhead of learning from the attacker/cloud provider, and it is shown that the MSSS scheme can reduce the computation cost of data on owner side to O(NT × 3).
DRSMS : Domain and Range Specific Multi-Keyword Search over Encrypted Cloud Data
This paper proposes the Domain and Range Specific Multikeyword Search (DRSMS) scheme that minimizes the search time and Index storage space and shows that the proposed DRSMS scheme is more efficient and secure than RSSE Scheme.
A Privacy-Preserving Fuzzy Keyword Search Scheme over Encrypted Cloud Data
Using keyword fingerprint extraction and secure kNN encryption, F2SE can achieve a top-k ranked fuzzy keyword search according to the keyword similarity and return keywords containing special sub strings customized by cloud users with deficient background knowledge, which can be used for exploratory search or uncertain search.
Efficient multi-keyword ranked query over encrypted data in cloud computing
Efficient verifiable fuzzy keyword search over encrypted data in cloud computing
This paper proposes a new verifiable fuzzy keyword search scheme based on the symbol-tree which not only supports the fuzzy keywords search, but also enjoys the verifiability of the searching result.
Secure keyword-based Ranked Semantic Search over Encrypted Cloud Data
Detailed security analysis shows that the proposed solution for ranked semantic keyword search (RSS) over encrypted cloud data is privacy-preserving and secure under the previous searchable symmetric encryption (SSE) security definition.