Survey on Carrier State of Sheep in Chlamydia pecorum Infection

  title={Survey on Carrier State of Sheep in Chlamydia pecorum Infection},
  author={N. Moori Bakhtiari and Zeinab Barati and Sharokh S. P. Gudarzi},
Chlamydia pecorum is the obligate intracellular bacterial pathogen which is associated with several diseases in sheep such as polyarthritis and keratoconjunctivitis around the world (Polkinghorne et al. 2009; Yousef Mohamad and Rodolakis, 2010). Although several cases of ovine abortion associated with this pathogen has also been reported, parasites and nutrition as co-factors could also be important in chlamydial infected small ruminant's abortions. Despite this, C. pecorum was demonstrated in… CONTINUE READING


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Branhamella ovis and Chlamydia pecorum isolated from a case of conjunctivitis (with some polyarthritis) in lambs. Pp

  • E. Walker
  • Proc. 95th Dist. Vet. Conf. Armidale, Australia
  • 2013
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