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Survey on CHAOS Based Image Encryption Techniques

  title={Survey on CHAOS Based Image Encryption Techniques},
  author={S. Sowmya Kamath},
  • S. Kamath
  • Published 2017
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
Now a days exchange of data over the network is keep on increasing, we using the for data exchange like open networks and internet. In data exchange security of the data is one of the major concern. We can encrypt the data before exchange like we can secure the data. The data can be in the format of text, image, audio and video etc.. Most of the multimedia applications includes images. Earlier AES, DES, RSA etc image encryption techniques were used, it contains low level of security and others… 

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The proposed 2D HM-ALSM color image encryption scheme is subjected to a series of security tests to study and investigate its security with respect to several attacks like entropy, histogram, correlation coefficient, differential, occlusion, and noise resistance attacks.

Automata-Derived Chaotic Image Encryption Scheme

This work introduces an encryption scheme for gray-scale plain-text images, which is based on a chaotic map, which in combination with the aforementioned PRBG defines the encryption strategy, that is, the order in which the rows and columns are encrypted.

Multi-Stage RGB Image Encryption

A comparison of the proposed scheme to the state-of-the-art also shows that it is superior, and the suggested image encryption is appropriate for real-time applications.

Chaotification of One-Dimensional Maps Based on Remainder Operator Addition

It is shown that by an appropriate parameter choice, the resulting map can achieve a higher Lyapunov exponent compared to its seed map, and all periodic orbits of any period will be unstable, leading to robust chaos.

Perturbed Chaotic Map with Varying Number of Iterations and Application in Image Encryption

  • T. Hoang
  • Physics
    2020 IEEE Eighth International Conference on Communications and Electronics (ICCE)
  • 2021
In this paper, the model of perturbed chaotic map with varying number of iterations (PCM-VNI) is proposed, in which values of chaotic states and control parameters are represented in the format of

Security Framework for Sharing Data in Fog Computing

Fog computing is a criterion which extends the cloud computing and its services to the network edge by providing the security in the cloud atmosphere and it eliminates the overhead to the centralized computing system.

Recent Advances in Selective Image Encryption and its Indispensability due to COVID-19

  • A. Paul
  • Computer Science
    2020 IEEE Recent Advances in Intelligent Computational Systems (RAICS)
  • 2020
The calamitous effects of the pandemic on the world population and how their changes in multimedia consumption have led to an urgent need for the development and deployment of secure and fast image encryption, especially selective image encryption techniques are discussed.



An Ethical Approach of Block Based Image Encryption Using Chaotic Map

The proposed image encryption algorithm by using chaotic map has encouragingly succeeded to pass most of them like key sensitivity analysis, statistical analysis, differential analysis, entropy analysis, which make the proposed algorithm good enough for real time secure communication.

Image encryption using chaotic logistic map

Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Chaotic Economic Model

The proposed algorithm can successfully encrypt and decrypt the images with the same security keys and shows that the encrypted images have good information entropy and very low correlation coefficients and the distribution of the gray values of the encrypted image has random-like behavior.

A symmetric image encryption scheme based on 3D chaotic cat maps

A New Chaotic Algorithm for Image Encryption and Decryption of Digital Color Images

A new image encryption scheme which employs one of the three dynamic chaotic systems (Lorenz or Chen or LU chaotic system selected based on 16-byte key) to shuffle the position of the image pixels and uses another one the same three chaotic maps to confuse the relationship between the cipher image and the plain-image thereby significantly increasing the resistance to attacks.

A new chaotic algorithm for image encryption

  • Xin ZhangWei-bin Chen
  • Computer Science
    2008 International Conference on Audio, Language and Image Processing
  • 2008

A Secure and Efficient Fingerprint Images Encryption Scheme

  • Zhao SongHengjian LiYan Xu
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    2008 The 9th International Conference for Young Computer Scientists
  • 2008
The results of several experimental, statistical analysis and key sensitivity tests show that the proposed image encryption scheme provides an efficient and secure way for fingerprint images encryption and storage.

A Novel Fast Image Encryption Scheme Based on 3D Chaotic Baker Maps

Experimental results show that this three-dimensional baker map is 2–3 times faster than the two-dimensional one, showing its great potential in real-time image encryption applications.

New Approach for Fast Color Image Encryption Using Chaotic Map

A technique which replaces the traditional preprocessing complex system and utilizes the basic operations like confusion, diffusion which provide same or better encryption using cascading of 3D standard and 3D cat map is presented.