Survey on Algorithms 347, 426, and Quicksort


The following sorting algorithms were tested: Algorithm 347 (here called "Sinsort") by Richard C. Singleton; an improved version of quicksort (called "Richsort") by Robert P. Rich [2], and Algorithm 426 (called "Bronsort") by C. Bron. Three versions of Singleton's algorithm were tested: Sinsort.0 is the published version (modified, of course, to keep track of the parameters being measured); Sinsort. 1 is a modification of Sinsort.0 that splits arrays as long as n > 2 instead of n > 11; Sinsort.2 is a modification of Sinsort.0 that incorporates the improvement suggested by Peto [3]. The code of Sinsort.2, as tested, appears as Listing 1; except for Peto's modification concerning the determination of IJ (near statement 202), it is the same as Sinsort.0. Sinsort.1 differs from Sinsort.0 in that the final section of code, beginning with and including statement 80, was replaced by 80 IF ( J I .GE. 2) GO TO 10 IF(J .EQ. I) GO TO 70 IF(A(I) LE. A(J)) GO TO 70 T=A(J) A(J)=A(I) h(I) =T GO TO 70 END

DOI: 10.1145/355694.355702

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