Survey of secure anonymous peer to peer Instant Messaging protocols

  title={Survey of secure anonymous peer to peer Instant Messaging protocols},
  author={Rakan Alkhulaiwi and Abdulhakim Sabur and Khalid Aldughayem and Osama Almanna},
  journal={2016 14th Annual Conference on Privacy, Security and Trust (PST)},
Secure end-to-end communication has become a necessity for many people. In this research paper we survey the most popular and widely used secure anonymous Instant Messaging (IM) services and protocols, study them from a security and anonymity point of view, and investigate how these services or protocols could be compromised. 
Enhanced Instant Message Security and Privacy Protection Scheme for Mobile Social Network Systems
The comparison results of the proposed scheme with other schemes and the results of an experiment show that it is a comprehensive secure scheme with high security and good practicability.


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