Survey of coded character representation

  title={Survey of coded character representation},
  author={Robert W. Bemer},
  journal={Commun. ACM},
  • R. W. Bemer
  • Published 1 December 1960
  • Computer Science
  • Commun. ACM
Technical Committee 97 of the International Standards Organization (ISO) is concerned with standards in data processing. The American Standards Association holds the secretariat of this committee. Sectional Committee X3 of A.S.A. is responsible for national data processing standards in the U. S. 
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zur Erlangung des Grades eines
This dissertation investigates methods for the explicit computation of canonical heights on Jacobians of smooth projective curves and completely describes the associated Kummer threefold and conjecture formulas for explicit arithmetic on it, based on experimental data.
Das Gestaltungsfeld für Computerverbundsysteme mit Kleincomputern (MDT)
Die Terminalfahigkeit der MDT-Anlagen ermoglicht deren Einbeziehung in Computerverbundsystemel). Damit steht Klein- und Mittelbetrieben zusatzlich zu den dargestellten bisherigen Anwendungsformen der
The Present Status, Achievement and Trends of Programming for Commercial Data Processing
This paper documents some of the basic elements derived in the explosive development of programming techniques that has taken place in the last eight years, which is the short time that electronic data processing equipment has been applied in volume to commercial applications.
A first version of UNCOL
  • T. Steel
  • Computer Science
    IRE-AIEE-ACM '61 (Western)
  • 1961
UNCOL is designed to cope with only those problem language and machine language characteristics that can reasonably be expected to enjoy general use in the next decade, and any broader approach shows promise of leading to elegant, impractical results.
Optimizers: their structure
The aim of this paper is to discover the structure of any optimizer, and to pinpoint some of the factors that make optimization difficult, using a number of previously published concepts used.