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Survey of Sports Video Analysis: Research Issues and Applications

  title={Survey of Sports Video Analysis: Research Issues and Applications},
  author={Jenny R. Wang and Nandan Parameswaran},
Video processing has found many applications in sports such as slow motion replay, pattern analysis, statistics collection, video archiving, etc. This paper reviews current research in sports video analysis and discusses the research issues of the field and the potential applications. 

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Sports video summarization based on motion analysis
Event Detection In Broadcast Soccer Video By Detecting Replays
The efficacious method for event detection in soccer game broadcasted video is proposed and comprehending aspects which have been proposed to detect event and classify them in order to generate highlights is provided.
A Survey of Content-Aware Video Analysis for Sports
  • H. Shih
  • Education
    IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology
  • 2018
This paper focuses on the video content analysis techniques applied in sportscasts over the past decade from the perspectives of fundamentals and general review, a content hierarchical model, and trends and challenges.
Enhancing Sports Programming with the Latest Object Tracking Technology
As 2020 approaches, the need for video analysis technology for analyzing sports events is increasing. Analysis results are used for various purposes in sports, but, in particular, new visual
A fast and efficient highlight detector for soccer
An algorithm to detect the highlights in soccer games by analyzing the audio power is presented, developed for use in embedded devices with limited memory and processing power.
An overview of automatic event detection in soccer matches
This paper provides an hierarchy of approaches to soccer video processing and classify approaches into this hierarchy based on their analysis level, i.e., low, middle, and high levels.
Detecting highlights in sports videos: Cricket as a test case
A novel approach for detecting highlights in sports videos based on an unsupervised event discovery and detection framework based on easy-to-extract low-level visual features such as color histogram (CH) or histogram of oriented gradients (HOG), which can potentially be generalized to different sports.
A ball tracking system for offline tennis videos
A tennis ball tracking system for offline tennis videos that has been on tested on 5 videos extracted from Dubai 2008 and yields promising results.
Robust Player Gesture Spotting and Recognition in Low-Resolution Sports Video
A method based on curvature scale space templates of the player's silhouette which is robust to noisy sequences of data and needs only a small amount of training data is proposed.
Audiovisual processing for sports-video summarisation technology
A novel audiovisual feature-based scheme is proposed for the automatic summarization of sports-video content that is based on the development of robust extractors for a set of critical features, which are shown to reliably indicate their locations.


Analysis And Presentation Of Soccer Highlights From Digital Video
Techniques to automatically detect and extract the soccer highlights by analyzing the image contents, and to present these shots of action by the panoramic reconstruction of selected events are presented.
Real-time goal-mouth detection in MPEG soccer video
In real-time detection of goal-mouth appearances in MPEG soccer video, the system constrains the Hough Transform-based line-mark detection to only the dominant green regions typically seen in soccer video.
Semantic Annotation of Sports Videos
This work decomposes each shot into its visual and graphic content elements and, by combining several different low-level visual primitives, captures the semantic content at a higher level of significance.
Rule-based video classification system for basketball video indexing
This paper investigates the use of video content analysis and feature extraction and clustering techniques for further video semantic classifications and a supervised rule based video classification system is proposed that can be applied to applications such as on-line video indexing, filtering and video summaries, etc.
Automatic soccer video analysis and summarization
A fully automatic and computationally efficient framework for analysis and summarization of soccer videos using cinematic and object-based features, which includes some novel low-level soccer video processing algorithms, as well as some higher-level algorithms for goal detection, referee detection, and penalty-box detection.
Automatic detection of 'Goal' segments in basketball videos
This paper presents a set of models for interesting sporting events-goal segments-that have been implemented as part of an information retrieval system based on a number of automatic techniques for feature detection used in combination with heuristic rules determined through manual observations of sports footage.
Event detection and summarization in American football broadcast video
A framework for event detection and summary generation in football broadcast video is proposed, which proposes both deterministic and probabilistic approaches to the detection of the plays and an audio-based hierarchical summarization method.
A mid-level representation framework for semantic sports video analysis
A generic mid-level representation framework is introduced between the low-level audio-visual processing and high-level semantic analysis and can be used for event detection, highlight extraction, summarization and personalization of many types of sports video.
Robust goal-mouth detection for virtual content insertion
A working system that detects and segments goal-mouth appearances of soccer video in real-time, and constrains the Hough Transform-based line-mark detection to only the dominant green regions, is described.
Event based indexing of broadcasted sports video by intermodal collaboration
The experimental results for broadcasted sports video of American football games indicate that intermodal collaboration is effective for video indexing by the events such as touchdown (TD) and field goal (FG).