Survey of PCT search reports and the importance of the internet as a source of non-patent literature

  title={Survey of PCT search reports and the importance of the internet as a source of non-patent literature},
  author={Stephen R. Adams},
  journal={World Patent Information},
  • S. Adams
  • Published 1 June 2012
  • Computer Science
  • World Patent Information
Increasing the Discovery and Use of Non-Patent Literature (NPL): Scientific Publications in Patent Examination
This work interviews patent examiners and observes their prior art searching in order to provide insights into the perceived usage of non-patent literature and produce high level requirements for advancing non-Patent literature search tools.


Traces of Prior Art: An analysis of non-patent references found in patent documents
This contribution assesses the role that 'non-patent references', found in patent documents, can play in this respect and reveals that citations in patents allow developing nontrivial and robust indicators.
Patent citation analysis.A closer look at the basic input data from patent search reports
It is pointed out and illustrated that theprehensiveness and the quality of a given search report may vary significantly as a function of the patent office drawing up the report.
Evolution of Industry Knowledge in the Public Domain: Prior Art Searching for Software Patents
The evolution of electronic prior art in line with technological development is addressed, and laws and practices in the EPO, USPTO, and the JPO in relation to the validity of prior art resources on the Internet are discussed.
UK Government Web Continuity: Persisting Access through Aligning Infrastructures
The government set out to address the problem that links from Hansard were not maintained over time, with a solution leveraging the basic building blocks of the Internet (DNS and Web) in a pragmatic way to ensure that an infrastructure is in place to provide access to important information both now and in the future.