Survey of Indoor Positioning Measurements, Methods and Techniques


The continuous improvement in the development in the field of communication networks and mobile computing, location based service (LBS) has become very popular in recent years. For outdoor positioning service the Global Positioning Systems (GPS) are the earliest widely used modern systems. In GPS technology Satellite signals cannot penetrate in indoor environment since they are blocked by building obstructions thus satellite signal cannot provide good accuracy in indoor environments due to lack of LoS(Line Of Sight). On doing research it is being observed that in the near future, indoor positioning will gain more demand as people spend more than 70% of their lives in indoor environment. A large variety of technologies have been designed for dealing with the problem since the indoor environments are very difficult to track .The paper also provide brief description on various indoor wireless tracking measurements, methodologies and technologies. The paper illustrates the theoretical points, the main tools, and the most promising technologies for indoor tracking infrastructure.

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