Surveillance of childhood blood lead levels in 11 cities of China.

  title={Surveillance of childhood blood lead levels in 11 cities of China.},
  author={Tao Li and Yao-hua Dai and Xiao-hua Xie and Zang-wen Tan and Shuai-ming Zhang and Zong-han Zhu},
  journal={World journal of pediatrics : WJP},
  volume={10 1},
BACKGROUND Exposure to lead can be deleterious to children's health. Surveillance for blood lead levels (BLLs) is reported every year in the USA and some other countries. However, such reports are lacking in China which has the world's largest population of children. In this study, we provided the latest nationally representative data on BLLs among Chinese children living in cities, described the change in BLLs since 2004, and explored the risk factors for elevated BLLs (EBLLs) among children… CONTINUE READING