Surveillance of adverse events following immunization: 10 years' experience in Oman.


A descriptive record-based review of adverse events following immunization (AEFI) was carried out in Oman using the national database for the period 1996-2005. A total of 790 adverse event reports were received with an annual rate during the review period of 33.7 per 100 000 population or 10.8 per 100 000 doses administered. There were no reported deaths. The most frequently reported AEFI were BCG adenitis (69.7 per 100 000 doses) and local reactions (3.6 per 100 000 doses respectively). The statistically significant higher rates among males, in children aged > 2 years and in some sparsely populated regions of Oman need further research. AEFI rates in Oman were similar or below the international averages

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