Surtsey, Iceland

  title={Surtsey, Iceland},
  author={Vanda Claudino-Sales},
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A model for wave abrasion on underwater bedrock, with an application to rapidly downwearing tephra cones adjacent to Surtsey Island in Iceland

  • T. Sunamura
  • Geology
    Earth Surface Processes and Landforms
  • 2021
Wave abrasion is a major erosional process shaping shallow‐water coastal bedrock morphologies. In spite of various erosion studies having been conducted on underwater bedrock features, modelling



Degassing and magma mixing during the eruption of Surtsey Volcano (Iceland, 1963–1967): the signatures of a dynamic and discrete rift propagation event

The eruption of Surtsey (Iceland, 1963–1967) is a rare example of observed volcanism at a propagating rift tip, where Iceland’s Eastern Volcanic Zone is advancing southwesterly toward the Reykjanes

Accumulation of nitrogen and organic matter during primary succession of Leymus arenarius dunes on the volcanic island Surtsey, Iceland

Initial soil development and enhanced nutrient retention are often important underlying environmental factors during primary succession. We quantified the accumulation rates of nitrogen (N) and soil

Bryophyte colonization history of the virgin volcanic island Surtsey, Iceland

Habitat loss due to erosion and reduced thermal activity in combination with successional vegetation changes are likely to have played a significant role in the decline of some bryophyte species which were abundant in 1972.