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Surrogate Multiplicities: Typography in the Age of Invisibility

  title={Surrogate Multiplicities: Typography in the Age of Invisibility},
  author={Katie Salen},
  journal={Visible Language},
ABSTRACT Historically, much critical discussion, particularly among typographers, has centered on the role typographic form plays in conveying meaning. Beatrice Ward's image of the crystal goblet, evoked in a 1932 essay of the same name created a framework for considering the ways in which value and meaning are assigned to a text based not only on what is written, but how it was written. While Ward was primarily concerned with the dynamics of letterform and legibility, this essay attempts to… 

Typographic landscaping: creativity, ideology, movement

This special issue originated in a symposium on “Typographic Landscaping” that was held between 17 and 18 June 2013 at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Organized by Johan Järlehed and generously

The compromised voice: a consideration of typography as a linguistic expression of gay identity in the silent film boy

This paper begins with a brief discussion of interdisciplinary connections between linguistics and typography. It then offers a consideration of how typography used in queer film has been employed to

“Is your font racist?” Metapragmatic online discourses on the use of typographic mimicry and its appropriateness

Typographic mimicry is the wrapping of writing in a “ foreign dress, ” i.e. the use of typefaces in which one ’ s script (e.g. Latin) is made to visually resemble a di ff erent script (e.g. Chinese)

Paul Renner and Futura: The Effects of Culture, Technology, and Social Continuity on the Design of Type for Printing

This thesis reviews the circumstances that led to what Paul Renner called “the inflation of historicism,” places his response to that problem in the context of the Weimar Republic, details how the

Russian train graffiti: a history of performance

ABSTRACT This article highlights the “performative” aspect of graffiti on Russian trains during the late 1990s and early 2000s. “Performative” here refers to Judith Butler’s understanding of


Nowadays, the format of digital technology allows advertisers to include virtual advertisements such as brand names and logos into YouTube channels. Additionally, those parts have become a marketing

The semiotics of business signage: how typography is used in impoverished and deprived areas of New Zealand

There is no disputing the fact that Auckland Central Business District (C.B.D) is well positioned within the multinational corporate world community. Walking through the streets of Auckland’s C.B.D

Typografische Variation und (Inter-)Medialität. Zur kommunikativen Relevanz skripturaler Sichtbarkeit

Nachdem sich verschiedene linguistische Teildisziplinen in den vergangenen Jahren der Medialitat, Materialitat und ‚Multimodalitat‘ von Kommunikation zugewandt haben, hat zuletzt auch die

Names on the Internet: towards electronic socio-onom@stics