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Surrogate Mothers: An Exploration of the Empirical and the Normative

  title={Surrogate Mothers: An Exploration of the Empirical and the Normative},
  author={Li-Min Peng},
  journal={The American University journal of gender, social policy \& the law},
  • Li-Min Peng
  • Published 1 April 2013
  • Sociology
  • The American University journal of gender, social policy & the law
Introduction 555I. Harm to Surrogate Mothers: Evaluating the Empirical Objection 558A. Overview of the Empirical Objection 558B. Empirical Evidence on Surrogate Mothers in the UnitedStates 5591. Demographic & Psychological Profile 5602. Entering the Process 5623. Relinquishing the Baby 5624. Motivations 563C. Counterarguments 566II. Harm to Society: Evaluating the Normative Objection 568A. Overview of the Normative Objection 568B. Surrogacy as Implicating Social Anxieties 5711. The Political… 
The experiences of surrogate mothers: A qualitative study
A supportive system, especially the health system, should provide better and more humanistic services for surrogate mothers with numerous physical, emotional, and social problems that require better counseling services.
Dead-End in Sight: France Struggles with Surrogacy and Cross-Border Practices
  • J. Merchant
  • Medicine, Political Science
    The New bioethics : a multidisciplinary journal of biotechnology and the body
  • 2020
It is argued that before establishing a regulatory framework for surrogacy, the most pressing issue is to protect children born of French parents abroad via surrogacy once the family returns to the country.
Contractual Transaction: How Renting a Uterus Makes the Human Body a Commodity in Nepal
The issue of surrogate motherhood has started public debates in Nepal. With surrogacy a child becomes the object of a legal transaction, while the surrogate mother is used, in effect as an incubator,
The Role of Religion in Debates on Embryo Research and Surrogacy in France
  • J. Merchant
  • Political Science
    Religion and Biopolitics
  • 2019
This contribution explores an area where religion in France has always played a very important role in the various debates on bioethical issues. Among various religious groups, the Catholic Church
Macierzyństwo zastępcze a adopcje – symbioza czy konkurencja?
Adoption is an institution as old as the world, created by the Roman law and present in law of almost every state. International adoptions have become popular in the second half of the twentieth
Wombs for rent, outsoursed pregnancies, baby farms - ethics and surrogate motherhood
__________________________________________________________________________________________ The history of surrogacy is composed of cases of happy solving family problems, but also of conflicts and
Aspectos transfronterizos de la gestación por sustitución
El articulo trata el tema de la gestacion por sustitucion y aborda parte de la compleja problematica que surge a raiz de la misma, especialmente cuando se esta ante una gestacion por sustitucion
Issues and Trends in Surrogacy


Navigating rough waters: an overview of psychological aspects of surrogacy.
This article provides an overview of the social and psychological aspects surrounding the surrogacy process including attitudes about surrogacy, perceptions and problems of surrogate mothers and
Surrogacy, slavery, and the ownership of life.
  • A. Allen
  • Medicine, Sociology
    Harvard journal of law & public policy
  • 1990
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