Surrogacy: Ethical and Legal Issues

  title={Surrogacy: Ethical and Legal Issues},
  author={Pikee Saxena and Archana Mishra and Sonia Malik},
  journal={Indian Journal of Community Medicine : Official Publication of Indian Association of Preventive \& Social Medicine},
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  • P. Saxena, A. Mishra, S. Malik
  • Published 1 October 2012
  • Law
  • Indian Journal of Community Medicine : Official Publication of Indian Association of Preventive & Social Medicine
Surrogacy refers to a contract in which a woman carries a pregnancy “for” another couple. Number of infertile couples from all over the World approach India where commercial surrogacy is legal. Although this arrangement appears to be beneficial for all parties concerned,there are certain delicate issues which need to be addressed through carefully framed laws in order to protect the rights of the surrogate mother and the intended parents. 
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A genetic link between the parents and the child serves to simplify the adoption process and supports a family’s desire to resemble as much as possible a traditional biological family, thus providing a minimum set of challenges to religious or conservative hesitations.
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Despite a growing transnational market for commercial surrogacy in many of the countries examined, the current patchwork of policy does little to clarify what forms of surrogacy are legally permissible, nor do they adequately protect surrogates, intended parents, or the children themselves.
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