Surprises in the doping dependence of the Fermi surface in Bi(Pb)-2212

  title={Surprises in the doping dependence of the Fermi surface in Bi(Pb)-2212},
  author={Alexander A. Kordyuk and Sergey V. Borisenko and Mark S. Golden and S. Legner and Konstantin Nenkov and Martin Knupfer and J{\"o}rg Fink and Helmuth Berger and L{\'a}szl{\'o} Forr{\'o}},
  journal={Physical Review B},
A detailed and systematic ARPES investigation of the doping-dependence of the normal state Fermi surface (FS) of modulation-free (Pb,Bi)-2212 is presented. The FS does not change in topology away from hole-like at any stage. The data reveal, in addition, a number of surprises. Firstly the FS area does not follow the usual curve describing Tc vs x for the hole doped cuprates, but is down-shifted in doping by ca. 0.05 holes per Cu site, indicating either the break-down of Luttinger's theorem or… 
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