Surmounting the Cartesian Cut : Klein Bottle Logophysics , the Dirac Algebra and the Genetic Code

  title={Surmounting the Cartesian Cut : Klein Bottle Logophysics , the Dirac Algebra and the Genetic Code},
  author={Diego Lucio Rapoport},
  • Diego Lucio Rapoport
  • Published 2011
We reintroduce the Klein Bottle (KB) logophysics at the foundations of the unification of quantum geometry, cell biology, embryology and evolution, to extend it to the genetic code and allosteric recognition. We find that the genetic code has three possible fractal topologies: two different families of KBs embedded in HyperKBs, or still a 2-torus, depending which pair of three subalphabets for the genetic “letters” is chosen; this does not require the double helix. We complete the genetic… CONTINUE READING


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