Surgical treatment of the sigmoid volvulus.


Sigmoid volvulus is not an uncommon cause of intestinal obstruction. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the clinical features and surgical treatment methods in patients with sigmoid volvulus. Thirty-two patients operated on between January 1991 and October 2002 were reviewed retrospectively. The demographic data of the patients, clinical features, preoperative radiological and operative findings, type of surgical procedure performed, postoperative complications, mortality and duration of hospital stay (DHS) after surgery were reviewed. There were 21 male (66%), 11 female patients (34%) and their age ranged from 61 to 87 years with a median of 73.5 +/- 8.38 years. Most frequent clinical features were abdominal pain, distension and constipation. The correct preoperative diagnosis was made in 44% (14/32) of cases. Surgical treatment consisted of sigmoidectomy with primary anastomosis (R&A) (n = 9, 28%), sigmoidectomy with colostomy (R&C) (n = 16, 50%), and detorsion with sigmoidopexy (D&P) (n = 7, 22%). Concomittant diseases were more frequent in R&C group (n = 14, 87%) and this was statistically significant as compared to R&A (n = 4, 44%) (P = 0.03). Postoperative complication rate in R&C group was more frequent and DHS longer but the difference between treatment groups was not significant statistically. Two recurrences were observed in D&P group. Sigmoidectomy should be the basic principle in management of sigmoid volvulus and primary anastomosis can be performed safely in selected patients without increasing morbidity and DHS.


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