Surgical treatment of substernal goiter.

  title={Surgical treatment of substernal goiter.},
  author={Ayşeg{\"u}l Ozdemir and Mustafa Hasbahceci and Erhan Hamaloğlu and Ahmet Ozenç},
  journal={International surgery},
  volume={85 3},
BACKGROUND Substernal goiter differs from its cervical counterpart in regard to its clinical presentation, surgical management, pathological analysis and postoperative complication. METHODS Retrospective analysis of 1320 thyroidectomies performed at the Hacettepe University Hospital between 1990 and 1997. RESULTS 30 (2.3%) of 1320 thyroidectomies underwent operation for removal of substernal goiters in an 8-year period. The most common symptom was cervical mass (67%) and 33% of the patients… CONTINUE READING
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