Surgical treatment of primary sacral tumors: complications associated with sacrectomy.

  title={Surgical treatment of primary sacral tumors: complications associated with sacrectomy.},
  author={Mehmet Zileli and C{\"u}neyt Hoşçoşkun and Priscilla K. Brastianos and D{\"u}ndar Sabah},
  journal={Neurosurgical focus},
  volume={15 5},
OBJECT Sacral tumors are relatively rare, and experience related to resection of these tumors is therefore usually limited to a small number of patients. The purpose of this retrospective study was to review the authors' experience with sacral neoplasms over the last 12 years. METHODS Based on a review of records in 11 patients who underwent sacrectomy, and the various patient characteristics, presenting symptoms, histological findings for their tumors, as well as the type of surgical… CONTINUE READING


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