Surgical treatment of osteoblastoma : a report of 20 cases.


Osteoblastoma is a locally aggressive osteoblastic lesion of bone with rare malignant transformation. We retrospectively evaluated 20 patients who were diagnosed and surgically treated for osteoblastoma in our institution. Their mean age was 22.5 years (range: 10 to 34). The most frequent location was in the posterior elements of the spine, followed by the… (More)


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@article{Salik2007SurgicalTO, title={Surgical treatment of osteoblastoma : a report of 20 cases.}, author={Yener Sağlik and Hakan Atalar and Yusuf Zeki Yildiz and Kerem Başarir and Cuneyd Gunay}, journal={Acta orthopaedica Belgica}, year={2007}, volume={73 6}, pages={747-53} }