Surgical treatment of clinodactyly caused by longitudinally bracketed diaphysis ("delta phalanx").

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  • Medicine
  • Scandinavian journal of plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • Clinodactyly in 10 fingers (9 patients) with longitudinally bracketed diaphysis (LBD) was treated surgically with various methods. In 4 cases with LBD in the middle phalanx of a triphalangeal thumb this phalanx was removed and the ligaments reconstructed. In the other 6 digits the LBD was in the base phalanx of a thumb or in the middle phalanx of some other digit. One of these was treated in infancy with transverse resection of the bracket. In 3 cases (4 digits) wedge osteotomy with reversal of… CONTINUE READING
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