[Surgical treatment of chronic pancreatitis complicated by biliary hypertension].


The results of 29 patients treatment, suffering chronic pancreatitis, complicated by biliary hypertension, in whom operative interventions in Department of Surgery of Regional Ivano-Frankivsk clinical hospital in 2009 - 2014 yrs, were analyzed. The drainage, resectional and combined interventions were performed. Direct intervention on pancreatic gland was not applied in 5 (17.2%) patients. Operation to Frey was performed in 7 (24.1%) patients, in 4--it was added by choledochojejunoanastomosis formation, longitudinal pancreatojejunostomy--in 13 (44.8%). In 4 (14.8%) patients while functional disorders of adjacent organs present a pancreaticoduodenal resection to Whipple was done. For biliary hypertension diagnosis (including the occult one) the method of intraoperative pressure measurement in common biliary duct (CBD) was proposed. The operation was added by biliodigestive anastomosis formation, using choledochoenterostomy to Roux method if while operations to Frey or Beger after intervention on pancreatic head with the intrapancreatic CBD freeing the intraductal pressure witnessed the biliary hypertension presence. In all the patients good and satisfactory results of operative treatment were noted.

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