[Surgical treatment of carotid chemodectomas].


49 patients have been examined and 38 of them operated in RRCS RAMS for carotid hemadectomas (CH). CH is a rather rare tumor developing from the carotid gland locating in bifurcation of the common carotid artery. It is slowly growing tumor which is scantily active and rarely metastasizes. In 35 of the 38 operated patients radical ablation of the tumor was carried out. In the rest 3 patients radical removal of the tumor was impossible due to its dissemination and malignancy. The classification was used according to which all the tumors were distributed in 3 groups in dependence on the character of their growth. The basic principle of their division was the relation of CH to the carotid arteries. The use of this classification allowed to define individual surgical tactics. As a result of the treatment 97.4% of the patients were discharged with improvement. During the follow-up period (94 +/- 5 months) there were no relapses detected in these patients.

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