Surgical treatment of anastomotic leaks after oesophagectomy.

  title={Surgical treatment of anastomotic leaks after oesophagectomy.},
  author={Richard D Page and Michael J Shackcloth and Glenn N Russell and Stephen H. Pennefather},
  journal={European journal of cardio-thoracic surgery : official journal of the European Association for Cardio-thoracic Surgery},
  volume={27 2},
OBJECTIVE To determine the optimum management of anastomotic leaks after oesophagectomy. METHODS We undertook a retrospective review of 23 patients who developed anastomotic leakage, out of 389 patients undergoing oesophagectomy with gastric interposition. The presentation, diagnosis, and treatment of the leaks, and patient outcomes are analysed. RESULTS Leaks occurred from 3 to 23 (median=7.5) days after surgery. Clinical features included fever (57%), leucocytosis (52%), dysphagia (4… CONTINUE READING
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