[Surgical treatment of Crohn's disease complications. Our experience].


Thirty-five patients with Crohn's Disease (CD) were observed: 18 have been treated with medical therapy and 17 (48.6%) underwent to surgical treatment : 1) intolerance to the medical treatment in 5.9% (1 case); 2) local complications in 94.1% (16 cases: 6 stenosis, 2 occlusions, 3 abscesses, 3 fistulas, 1 perforation with peritonitis, 1 case toxic megacolon). The operations have been 19: resective interventions 14 (bowel and/or colon resections), conservative interventions 5. The mortality was 0, the morbidity 35,29%. The incidence of the recurrences in a follow up of 5 year was 42,9%. The Authors conclude that the surgery, indicated for the treatment of complications, can be resective surgery (perforating Crohn disease: fistulas, abscess) or conservative surgery (stenosing Crohn disease: stenosis). Recently the conservative intervention are proposed in the treatment of fistulas and abscesses too, but when the inflammation is mild and in patients that underwent to extensive intestinal resection with risk of short bowel syndrome.

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