Surgical treatment of Bertolotti's syndrome. Follow-up of 16 patients.

  title={Surgical treatment of Bertolotti's syndrome. Follow-up of 16 patients.},
  author={Seppo S Santavirta and Kaj Tallroth and Pekka Ylinen and Hannu Suoranta},
  journal={Archives of orthopaedic and trauma surgery},
  volume={112 2},
We surgically treated 16 patients with Bertolotti's syndrome (chronic, persistent low back pain and radiographically diagnosed transitional lumbar vertebra). Eight had posterolateral fusion and another eight resection of the transitional articulation. Thirteen patients had in addition to the chronic low back pain, suffered from repeated episodes or chronic sciatica. In six cases with resection treatment, local injections were administered at the transitional articulation before deciding for… CONTINUE READING

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