Surgical resection of lung metastases from epithelial tumors.

  title={Surgical resection of lung metastases from epithelial tumors.},
  author={Alexandre Costa Monteiro and Nuria Arce and Jo{\~a}o E Bernardo and Luis Eug{\'e}nio and Manuel de Jesus Antunes},
  journal={The Annals of thoracic surgery},
  volume={77 2},
BACKGROUND One of the main characteristics of malignant tumors is the capability to disseminate, giving rise to local or distant metastases. Pulmonary metastases occur in almost 30% of all oncology patients, and secondary lung tumors are more frequent than primary ones. Surgical resection of metastases is now a well-established procedure, but the results vary with the histologic type of the primary tumor. We wished to identify factors affecting late survival after pulmonary metastasectomy for… CONTINUE READING