Surgical removal of bone and muscle metastases of renal cancer.

  title={Surgical removal of bone and muscle metastases of renal cancer.},
  author={B. Stener and Christer Henriksson and Sonny Johansson and Bj{\"o}rn U P Gunterberg and Silas Pettersson},
  journal={Acta orthopaedica Scandinavica},
  volume={55 5},
Fifteen men and six women with renal cancer underwent surgical removal of metastatic lesions in bone (19 patients) or muscle (two patients). The operation was carried out 2 years before nephrectomy/renal resection in two patients, on the same occasion in four, and 1-196 months after in 15. Surgical interventions of various kinds were undertaken, resulting in the loss of a lower limb in seven patients and an upper limb in one. The observed 5-year survival was 4 out of 10. Six patients were alive… CONTINUE READING
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