Surgical planning using three-dimensional imaging and computer modeling.

  title={Surgical planning using three-dimensional imaging and computer modeling.},
  author={Nicholas J. Mankovich and Dana Samson and Wanda Pratt and Daniel Lew and J. Beumer},
  journal={Otolaryngologic clinics of North America},
  volume={27 5},
The acquisition, processing, and use of three-dimensional (3D) imaging provide new insights into normal and abnormal craniofacial anatomy. In this article, characteristics of CT and MRI scanning are reviewed along with the methods used to delineate tissues and produce 3D patient displays, including contouring, shaded surface, and volumetric processing. The use of 3D model fabrication for surgical planning is discussed with examples of the production of a custom CT-based auricle model and the… CONTINUE READING

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