[Surgical options in the treatment of myeloma of the spine].


Myeloma of the spine seriously affects the stability of the spine and can lead to compression of nerve structures. Instability of the spine caused by pathological vertebral fracture without compression of the nerve structures can be addressed conservatively using an external orthesis. Surgery is indicated in patients whose survival prognosis is 3-6 months in a situation of existing or imminent spinal collapse or nerve damage. The primary aim of the surgery is to stop the progress, improve or, in ideal cases, prevent damage to the nerves. The surgery renews stability of the spine, and reduces or eliminates the painful symptoms. From a surgical perspective, we distinguish between back, front, and combined procedures. The results are evaluated according to the changes found in the nerve findings based on the Frankel grading system. In our sample of 98 patients with myeloma of the spine who underwent surgery, 37 (38%) showed improved nerve findings, 57 (58%) stayed on the same level, neurologically, and only 4 (4%) showed post-operation deterioration of the nerve findings. Early diagnosis and urgent surgical decompression involving eventual stabilization of the spine can prevent irreversible damage to the nervous system under pressure from the myeloma of the spine.

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