Surgical management of the symptomatic overhanging filtering bleb.

  title={Surgical management of the symptomatic overhanging filtering bleb.},
  author={Ines M. Lanzl and Leslie J Katz and R L Shindler and GeorgeL. Spaeth},
  journal={Journal of glaucoma},
  volume={8 4},
PURPOSE Large filtering blebs that evolve after trabeculectomies can be bothersome to the patient, especially when overhanging the cornea. Partial bleb excision is warranted to relieve the patient from discomfort or even visual impairment. METHODS Surgical partial excision of the overhanging corneal part of the bleb was performed in four patients who had undergone earlier trabeculectomy without application of antimetabolites. Duration of follow-up after excision ranged from 9 months to 4… CONTINUE READING

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