Surgical management of peripancreatic arterial aneurysms.

  title={Surgical management of peripancreatic arterial aneurysms.},
  author={Erin M. Moore and Marc R Matthews and David J Minion and Rhonda C Quick and Thomas H Schwarcz and Fang K Loh and Eric David Endean},
  journal={Journal of vascular surgery},
  volume={40 2},
Peripancreatic artery aneurysms--gastroduodenal (GDA) and pancreaticoduodenal (PDA)--are highly unusual. We report 4 such aneurysms and have collated reports of true peripancreatic artery aneurysms based on an extensive review of the English literature. From this review, patient characteristics, clinical behavior, outcome and management strategies are assessed. 

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