Surgical management of perilymph fistulas. A new technique.


A wide range of recurrence rates (21% to 47%) for perilymph fistula repairs have been reported in the otology literature. An improved surgical technique developed at the Portland (Ore) Good Samaritan Hospital and Medical Center Neurotology Department was used to repair perilymph fistulas in 58 patients from October 1986 to October 1988. Our recurrence rate was reduced from 27% in a 1982-1985 study to 8% in our study. At 1 year postoperatively, improvements in disequillibrium, dizziness, and vertigo were comparable with results of older surgical techniques. Functional outcomes were also good: 83% of patients returned to normal activities of daily living, and 71% also returned to school or resumed gainful employment outside the home.

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