Surgical management of duplex ureteroceles.

  title={Surgical management of duplex ureteroceles.},
  author={G J Monfort and J M Guys and Michelle Coquet and Kevin Roth and Christian Louis and Aldo Massimo Bocciardi},
  journal={Journal of pediatric surgery},
  volume={27 5},
We reviewed the cases of 95 children with duplex ureteroceles treated in this department over an 18-year period. There were 101 ureteroceles (6 bilateral). Diagnosis and treatment were analyzed. Special attention was paid to newborns screened in utero. We always strove to preserve functional renal tissue whenever possible. In keeping with this goal, three surgical techniques were used: (1) upper pole heminephrectomy; (2) ureterocele excision, bladder neck reconstruction, and ureter… CONTINUE READING
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