[Surgical aspects of the treatment of hematologic diseases].


The relationship between haemopoietic diseases and splenic pathology has been analyzed. Indications to suppression of the abnormal splenic function using splenectomy and splenic embolism have been established from the experience of 2000 splenectomies and 116 splenic embolism. Fundamentals of splenectomies indications in various haemopoietic diseases are formulated. An original technique of splenectomy via transthoracic approach has been developed for patients with Icenko-Cushing syndrome. The discussion covers long-term results of different modes of inhibiting splenic function.

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@article{Klimanski1989SurgicalAO, title={[Surgical aspects of the treatment of hematologic diseases].}, author={V A Klimanskiĭ}, journal={Klinicheskaia meditsina}, year={1989}, volume={67 8}, pages={3-8} }