Surgical Experience and Outcomes of Implantation of the ZSI 100 FtM Malleable Penile Implant in Transgender Men After Phalloplasty.

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Neophallus Construction and Penile Prosthesis Implantation: Techniques and Complications
Neophallus construction (NPC) and penile prosthesis implantation (PPI) techniques are critical components of masculinizing genital gender affirming surgery (gGAS). We aim to summarize the recent
Review of Phalloplasty Techniques and Prosthetics in Transgender Male Patients
The steady rise in the number of transgender individuals seeking surgical treatment options for female-to-male genital gender-affirming surgery has driven the evolution of techniques for phalloplasty and penile prosthesis implantation.
The Frontier of Penile Implants in Phalloplasty: Is the ZSI 475 FTM what we have been waiting for?
Penile prosthesis (PP) implantation represent ts the final stage of neo-phallus creation, and is arguably the most exciting step for a transgender patient, although the research documenting outcomes in phalloplasty is much more limited.
Advances in penile prosthesis surgery: A clinical update.
Advances in penile implants have evolved vastly during that same time frame and now represent the cutting-edge technology, durability, and function.
Penile Cancer: Managing Sexual Dysfunction and Improving Quality of Life After Therapy
The potential options for addressing the inherent psychologic effects of these treatments and the need for further research in this domain are explored.
Pelvic Pain in the Transgender Man
Pelvic pain is a common condition with many contributing factors and research is needed on sex hormone-specific influences on the development of pelvic pain and mitigation strategies for treatment-specific development ofpelvic pain in the transgender population.


Transmen’s Experienced Sexuality and Genital Gender-Affirming Surgery: Findings From a Clinical Follow-Up Study
Genital GAS positively impacts transmen’s sexuality, although possible issues with genital sensation or penetration may exist and should be communicated preoperatively, and interdisciplinary collaboration on this subject is recommended.
Outcomes of inflatable penile prosthesis insertion in 247 patients completing female to male gender reassignment surgery
To assess the oucomes of penile prosthesis (PP) implantation after total phallic reconstruction secondary to gender dysphoria, a single trial was conducted at the University of California, Berkeley.
Long‐term outcome of forearm flee‐flap phalloplasty in the treatment of transsexualism
To assess the long‐term outcome of forearm free‐flap phalloplasty in transsexuals, as obtaining a satisfying neophallus in female‐to‐male transsexuals is a surgical challenge.