Surgery of external rhinostomy operations.


AN eye which waters persistently from obstruction of lacrimal drLinage is not only a social embarassment but may well influence adversely the chances of livelihood, especially in outdoor occupations or in the handling of food. Since lacrimal obstruction from trauma occurs so often nowadays in young people the cure is important and the remedy lies within the surgical province of the ophthalmic surgeon. During the past 25 years British ophthalmic surgeons have seen great inroads on their ancient orbital territory. Neuro-surgeons invade from the side and above, rhinologists infiltrate through the medial wall, and plastic surgeons enfilade the front. By fashion of training and by lack of opportunity, the ophthalmic surgeon has had to retreat behind the ramparts of Tenon's capsule, but in the surgical treatment of epiphora and other lesions of the orbital adnexa it is surely time for him to emerge, and to re-occupy his former province both by the expansion of his teaching and by the improvement of his surgical technique. This paper seeks to indicate the principles and details of technique which have proved useful in o'ver 150 rhinostomies of various types and to offer ideas of simplification for general use.

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