Surgery for tricuspid regurgitation late after mitral valve replacement.

  title={Surgery for tricuspid regurgitation late after mitral valve replacement.},
  author={Rudy M. King and Hartzell Vernon Schaff and Gordon K. Danielson and Bernard J. Gersh and Thomas A. Orszulak and Jeffrey M Piehler and Francisco J. Puga and J R Pluth},
  volume={70 3 Pt 2},
Tricuspid valve insufficiency may contribute to a poor hemodynamic result after mitral valve replacement. To determine the role of surgical treatment, we have reviewed the records of 32 adult patients who underwent tricuspid valve repair or replacement 4 months to 14 years after mitral valve replacement. Mild tricuspid valve insufficiency at the time of mitral valve replacement was present in 21 patients (66%); 26 patients (81%) had New York Heart Association class IV disability. Tricuspid… CONTINUE READING


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