Surgery and duality

  title={Surgery and duality},
  author={M. Kreck},
  journal={Annals of Mathematics},
  • M. Kreck
  • Published 1999
  • Mathematics
  • Annals of Mathematics
Surgery, as developed by Browder, Kervaire, Milnor, Novikov, Sullivan, Wall and others is a method for comparing homotopy types of topological spaces with difieomorphism or homeomorphism types of manifolds of dimension‚ 5. In this paper, a modiflcation of this theory is presented, where instead of flxing a homotopy type one considers a weaker information. Roughly speaking, one compares n-dimensional compact manifolds with topological spaces whose k-skeletons are flxed, where k is at least [n=2… Expand
A survey of 4-manifolds through the eyes of surgery
Surgery theory is a method for constructing manifolds satisfying a given collection of homotopy conditions. It is usually combined with the s{cobordism theorem which constructs homeomorphisms orExpand
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Surgery theory is a method for constructing manifolds satisfying a given collection of homotopy conditions. It is usually combined with the s–cobordism theorem which constructs homeomorphisms orExpand
Even-dimensional l -monoids and L-theory
Surgery theory provides a method to classify n‐dimensional manifolds up to diffeomorphism given their homotopy types and n 5. In Kreck’s modified version, it suffices to know the normal homotopy typeExpand
Monoids of moduli spaces of manifolds
We study categories of d-dimensional cobordisms from the perspective of Tillmann and Galatius-Madsen-Tillmann-Weiss. There is a category $C_\theta$ of closed smooth (d-1)-manifolds and smoothExpand
Four-manifolds, geometries and knots
The goal of this book is to characterize algebraically the closed 4-manifolds that fibre nontrivially or admit geometries in the sense of Thurston, or which are obtained by surgery on 2-knots, and toExpand
On the stable classification of spin four-manifolds
The stable classification of closed connected topological r espectively smooth fourmanifolds (with orientation or spin structure) via bordism theory is a very nice result in topology of manifolds,Expand
The Borel/Novikov conjectures and stable diffeomorphisms of 4-manifolds
Two 4-manifolds are stably diffeomorphic if they become diffeomorphic after connected sum with S^2 x S^2's. This paper shows that two closed, orientable, homotopy equivalent, smooth 4-manifolds areExpand
Se p 20 06 On the Classification of Certain Singular Hypersurfaces in C P 4
Hypersurfaces in complex projective spaces defined by homogeneous polynomials are important topological objects, arising naturally in algebra, geometry and topology. It was first noted by Thom, theExpand
Algebraic criteria for stable diffeomorphism of spin 4-manifolds
We study closed, connected, spin 4-manifolds up to stabilisation by connected sums with copies of $S^2 \times S^2$. For a fixed fundamental group, there are primary, secondary and tertiaryExpand
A classification of smooth embeddings of 4-manifolds in 7-space, I☆
We work in the smooth category. Let N be a closed connected n-manifold and assume that m>n+2. Denote by Em(N) the set of embeddings N→Rm up to isotopy. The group Em(Sn) acts on Em(N) by embeddedExpand


Differentiable periodic maps
1. The bordism groups. This note presents an outline of the authors' efforts to apply Thorn's cobordism theory [ó] to the study of differentiable periodic maps. First, however, we shall outline ourExpand
Surgery on Simply-Connected Manifolds
I. Poincare Duality.- 1. Slant Operations, Cup and Cap Products.- 2. Poincare Duality.- 3. Poincare Pairs and Triads Sums of Poincare Pairs and Maps.- 4. The Spivak Normal Fibre Space.- II. The MainExpand
Topological classification of 4-dimensional complete intersections
Let X,,(d) C C P "+r denote a complete intersection, the transversal intersection of r hypersurfaces in C P ~+r defined by r homogeneous polynomials of degrees (d l , . . . ,dr) =: d, with dld2...d,.Expand
Foundational Essays on Topological Manifolds, Smoothings, and Triangulations.
Since Poincare's time, topologists have been most concerned with three species of manifold. The most primitive of these--the TOP manifolds--remained rather mysterious until 1968, when KirbyExpand
Surgery on compact manifolds
Preliminaries: Note on conventions Basic homotopy notions Surgery below the middle dimension Appendix: Applications Simple Poincare complexes The main theorem: Statement of results An importantExpand
Simply connected manifolds of positive scalar curvature
Hitchin proved that if M is a spin manifold with positive scalar curvature, then the A^O-characteristic number a(M) vanishes. Gromov and Lawson conjectured that for a simply connected spin manifold MExpand
On the structure of manifolds with positive scalar curvature
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses some recent results by Richard Schoen and Shing-Tung Yau on the structure of manifolds with positive scalar curvature. The chapter presents theorems which areExpand
Topology of 4-manifolds
One of the great achievements of contemporary mathematics is the new understanding of four dimensions. Michael Freedman and Frank Quinn have been the principals in the geometric and topologicalExpand
The Mod p Cohomology of BO〈4k 〉
Let B0(4k) denote the 4k -1 connected covering of BO, the classifying space for stable vector bundles. B0(4k) is the 4k-1 connected total space of a fibration 7r: B0(4k)--BO such that 7r*:Expand
Self-homeomorphisms of 4-manifolds with fundamental group Z
Abstract In this paper we study the classification of self-homeomorphisms of closed, connected, oriented 4-manifolds with infinite cyclic fundamental group up to pseudoisotopy, or equivalently up toExpand