Surfactant Properties of Monoalkyl Ethanolamine Phosphate Esters

  title={Surfactant Properties of Monoalkyl Ethanolamine Phosphate Esters},
  author={A. Basu and S. Dutta},
  journal={Journal of Surface Science and Technology},
  • A. Basu, S. Dutta
  • Published 2003
  • Chemistry
  • Journal of Surface Science and Technology
Monolauryl and monostearyl phosphoric acid esters were synthesized by phosphorylation of the corresponding long chain fatty alcohols which were subsequently neutralized with mono-, di- and tri-ethanolamines. Monoalkyl nature of phosphate derivatives was ascertained by evaluating phosphorus contents. All the phosphate derivatives displayed appreciable lowering of surface tension of water and the monoethanolamine compounds, in particular, showed lower CMC values compared to the conventional… Expand
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