Surface wave propagation in mangrove forests

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Analysis of Surface Wave Attenuation in Mangrove Forests

This paper presents an analytical study on surface wave attenuation in mangrove forest using analytical model developed by Massel (1999). The energy dissipation in the frequency domain is

Wave attenuation in Mangrove forests

Mangrove forests cover large parts of the tropical and subtropical shorelines and grow in the inter-tidal zone. Mangrove forests act as a natural coastal protection. The most important features of

Attenuation of wave energy in mangrove forests

Mangrove forests are a very important ecosystem in protected coastal zones. These forests provide food and habitat for numerous species and have an important role in the coastal stabilization,

Long waves through emergent coastal vegetation

Abstract We study the effects of emergent coastal forests on the propagation of long surface waves of small amplitude. The forest is idealized by an array of vertical cylinders. Simple models are


The systematic laboratory investigation on tsunami attenuation by flexible mangrove models was performed in order to improve the knowledge on tsunami-coastal forest interaction. A sophisticated

Laboratory studies of wave attenuation by coastal forest under storm surge

ABSTRACT Observations on the 2004 tsunami showed that coastal forest vegetation could reduce the impacts of a tsunami or a storm surge in two ways: (i) the well-known wave attenuation and (ii) the

Attenuation of Wave Energy Due to Mangrove Vegetation off Mumbai, India

Coastal regions of India are prone to sea level rise, cyclones, storm surges, and human-induced activities, resulting in flood, erosion, and inundation, and some of these impacts could be attributed



Surface Wave Attenuation in Mangrove Forests

Mangroves are a unique form of vegetation that exist at the boundary of two distinct environments and receive nutrients from terrestrial and marine sources. During tropical cyclone episodes mangrove

Interaction Between Water Waves and Vegetation

The presence of densely growing vegetation has been observed to result in wave damping and shoreline sediment deposition. Submerged or flooded vegetation, seaweed stands, reed stands and mangrove

Sedimentation in Mangrove Forests

The tidal currents in mangrove forests are impeded by the friction caused by the high vegetation density. The tidal currents are also complex comprising eddies, jets and stagnation zones. The

Currents and Sediment Transport in Mangrove Forests

Abstract A field study of the tidal currents, cohesive sediment dynamics and transport of organic carbon in a highly vegetated mangrove swamp was carried out at Middle Creek, Cairns, Australia. The

Ocean Surface Waves: Their Physics and Prediction

This book is intended as a handbook for professionals and researchers in the areas of Physical Oceanography, Ocean and Coastal Engineering and as a text for graduate students in these fields.It

Hydrodynamics of coastal zones

Drag force due to vegetation in mangrove swamps

Field studies of tidal flows in largely pristine mangrove swamps suggestthat the momentum equation simplifies to a balance between the water surfaceslope and the drag force. The controlling parameter

Mangroves as a coastal protection from waves in the Tong King delta, Vietnam

The usefulness of mangrove reforestation for coastal protection is demonstrated by the effect of wave reduction, which was large even when the water depth increased.