Surface water transport of lead at a shooting range.

  title={Surface water transport of lead at a shooting range.},
  author={James R. Craig and J. Donald Rimstidt and C A Bonnaffon and Tucker Collins and Patrick F. Scanlon},
  journal={Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology},
  volume={63 3},
Lead, one of the earliest metals recognized and used by humans, has a long history of beneficial use to humankind, but has now been recognized as toxic and as posing a widespread threat to humans and wildlife. The adequacy and widespread nature of lead ores (primarily in the forms of the carbonate cerussite, PbCO3, and the sulfide, galena, PbS, combined with its ease of extraction have resulted in the production of more than 300 million metric tons throughout history (Craig, in press). Lead was… CONTINUE READING

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