Surface-response functions obtained from equilibrium electron-density profiles

  title={Surface-response functions obtained from equilibrium electron-density profiles},
  author={Niels Asger Mortensen and P. A. D. Gonçalves and Fedor A. Shuklin and Joel D. Cox and Christos Tserkezis and Masakazu Ichikawa and Christian Wolff},
  pages={3647 - 3657}
Abstract Surface-response functions are one of the most promising routes for bridging the gap between fully quantum-mechanical calculations and phenomenological models in quantum nanoplasmonics. Among all currently available recipes for obtaining such response functions, the use of ab initio methods remains one of the most conspicuous trends, wherein the surface-response functions are retrieved via the metal’s non-equilibrium response to an external time-dependent perturbation. Here, we present… 

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