Surface properties of autoagglutinating mesophilic aeromonads.

  title={Surface properties of autoagglutinating mesophilic aeromonads.},
  author={S J Paula and P S Duffey and Sharon L. Abbott and Robert Kokka and L. S. Oshiro and J. Michael Janda and Toshio Shimada and Riichi Sakazaki},
  journal={Infection and immunity},
  volume={56 10},
The surface characteristics of 24 autoagglutinating (AA+) mesophilic aeromonads were investigated. One group of 16 was found to be highly related serologically by their reactive pattern against O antisera generated against three reference strains. Subsequent characterization of 11 of these isolates (group 1) indicated that they had the following properties in common: precipitation after boiling (PAB+), membership of serogroup O:11 (typing scheme of Sakazaki and Shimada), resistance to lysis by… CONTINUE READING


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