Surface oxygen exchange of LaSrCoO

  title={Surface oxygen exchange of LaSrCoO},
  author={Ian C. Fullartonb and Roger A. de Souzab and John A. Kilnerb and Anthonie J. Burggraaf},
The surface oxygen exchange of Lao.3Sro,,Co0,_6 has been studied by ‘SO/‘hO exchange followed by dynamic SIMS analysis in the temperature region 700-900°C at a po, of 2.1 X lo4 Pa. The activation energy for the surface exchange rate (k) is 283 kJ mol ’ and for the oxygen tracer diffusion coefficient (D *) 56t4 kJ mol’ The absolute values for both k and D * are among the highest known in the literature. The characteristic thickness at a po, of 2.1 X lo4 Pa is calculated to lie in the range 0.70… CONTINUE READING


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