Surface-modified nanotube anodes for high performance organic light-emitting diode.

  title={Surface-modified nanotube anodes for high performance organic light-emitting diode.},
  author={Eric C-W Ou and Liangbing Hu and Gan Ching Ruey Raymond and Ong Kian Soo and Jisheng Pan and Zhang Zheng and Youngbae Park and David Hecht and Glen C Irvin and Paul Drzaic and George Gruner},
  journal={ACS nano},
  volume={3 8},
In this work, we reported high performance OLED devices with transparent and conductive carbon nanotube anodes after modification. The modifications include IMRE proprietary PEDOT:PSS composite top coating (PS(C)), concentrated HNO(3) acid soaking, and polymer encapsulation. For PS(C)-modified nanotube thin film anode, we achieved maximum luminescence of approximately 9000 cd/m(2), close to ITO-based OLED device performance, and high efficiency of approximately 10 cd/A, similar with ITO-based… CONTINUE READING
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