Surface-mediated NH and N addition to styrene on Ag(110).

  title={Surface-mediated NH and N addition to styrene on Ag(110).},
  author={Xiaoying Liu and Robert J. Madix and Cynthia M Friend},
  journal={Journal of the American Chemical Society},
  volume={128 44},
In this paper, we report the investigation of the reaction of adsorbed NH and N with styrene on Ag(110) using temperature-programmed reaction spectroscopy. Using O2 and NH3 as the starting reagents, NH and N species were deposited on a Ag surface. The reaction of styrene on NH- and N-covered Ag surface appears to yield 2-phenylaziridine and benzonitrile, with additional products HCN and NH3. The formation of aziridine, the nitrogenous analogue of styrene epoxide, is proposed to be due to the… CONTINUE READING