Surface lofting and smoothing with skeletal-lines


Abstmet. A method of surface definition and smoothing using a set of three-dimensional skeletal-lines is given. The skeletal-lines represent the essential features of a surface and can be individually smoothed using the first divided difference. The modified skeletal-lines are automatically generated by back substitution from the smoothed first divided difference lines. In this way a surface can be defined and smoothly adjusted through a set of sparse. irregular, inconsistent data.

DOI: 10.1016/0167-8396(89)90012-5

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@article{Bedi1989SurfaceLA, title={Surface lofting and smoothing with skeletal-lines}, author={Sanjeev Bedi and Geoffrey W. Vickers}, journal={Computer Aided Geometric Design}, year={1989}, volume={6}, pages={87-96} }