Surface-directed, graft polymerization within microfluidic channels.

  title={Surface-directed, graft polymerization within microfluidic channels.},
  author={Shuwen Hu and Xueqin Ren and Mark Bachman and Christopher Eldridge Sims and G. P. Li and Nancy L Allbritton},
  journal={Analytical chemistry},
  volume={76 7},
We demonstrate a simple procedure to coat the surfaces of enclosed PDMS microchannels by UV-mediated graft polymerization. In prior applications, only disassembled channels could be coated by this method. This limited the utility of the method to coatings that could easily and tightly seal with themselves. By preadsorbing a photoinitiator onto the surface of PDMS microchannels, the rate of polymer formation at the surface was greatly accelerated compared to that in solution. Thus, a gel did not… CONTINUE READING
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